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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


1) The Central Area (Downtown or Nuevo Bajo) is a Buenos Aires Highlight area, in this zone of the city one is located Hostel Colonial.
2) The famous Obelisco, the pedestrian streets Florida and Lavalle, Galerías Pacífico (the most beautiful shopping of the city, by its history, its imposing architecture and its gorgeous murals), around 80 bars and pubs, more than 100 restaurants (Parrilla El Gaucho, Almacén Suipacha), some of which have international fame, 20 rooms of cinema and 5 of the most important theaters, only 1 or 5 blocks around of Hostel Colonial. THEY DO NOT EXIST ELSEWHERE OF THE CITY, THIS IS A HOT SPOT.

3) Puerto Madero, Retiro Railroads Central Station, Retiro Bus Station and the Historical Colonial Center, are in different directions , only 6 blocks from Hostel Colonial.

4) If we spoke of transports and proceedings of trip, all the lines of Buenos Aires Metro(A,B,C,D,E), more than 100 local bus lines, taxis, trains and buses approach to you nearly from Hostel Colonial. All the air lines, many Consulates and the main tourist operators are in the Downtown.

5) If we spoke of security, in addition to watch the Hostel with our cameras, we are to 150 meters of the 1º Police Station and only 3 blocks to the Tourist Police Station, who extremely has specialized personnel and to the service of the traveller.

6) If we spoke of free spectacles or to very low cost, the 1100 meters of length of the Florida pedestrian street are INCREDIBLES, Tango shows (singers and dancers), Typical Country Music shows, humorists, painters, alive sculptures, and others. The best ones are in Florida to only 100 meters of Hostel Colonial
YOU WERE NOT CONVINCED WITH THIS? Sight post previous in this blog, sign up in, tags florida+tango and enjoy. In addition, in Galerías Pacífico, around the Hoste Coloniall it is Cultural Center Jorge Luis Borges with very many activities and samples.

7) We followed with the art, to 3 blocks from Hostel Colonial are the most recognized in all the world Art Galleries (Klemm Foundation, Ruth Benzacar) and the MALBA, the Top Museum in the city to only 5´of taxi trip. ($7 the trip)

8) If you go to San Telmo (to 1700 meters of the Hostel Colonial) or to Palermo, the special deal is in the morning, when everybody comes to the other locations in the city, traveling comfortable and without disadvantages.

9) If you want to know on our facilities and services, see more in our website . More info:

10) We waited for you so that Buenos Aires becomes a great love. WELCOME TO BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.

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