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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today is Sunday, and actually I got up earlier than usual. In Buenos Aires, and some provinces of Argentina we have had to advance the clock 1 hour, to make better use of daylight and save energy. Ok, this added to the excitement of my children by handing gifts to his mom, today´s celebrated here the Mother's Day and at 6:00 A.M. -Hey Dad, wake up!!!
8:00 A.M., we have breakfast, turn on the computer, Internet and, Voila!! The Hostel Colonial Blog, this, again as in the 2007 edition has won the category Best Travel Blog in Blogger´s Choice Awards.

Joy for the hard work done in conjunction with the hostel staff. An idea that takes hold: "The world needs to know Buenos Aires, Argentina".
Satisfaction with the good marketing campaign conducted for the blog and for the hostel, whose only investment has been the time spent in carrying it out.
Thanks to all the friends of social networks like Twitter, Orkut and Plurk who voted especially, to travel blogs authors like Guido, Happy Hotelier author, we also have voted.
I can´t forget to the real-world networks, all those backpackers and independent travelers who visit us every year and fly up to 36 hours from Israel or fly up to 12 hours from Madrid or Paris, or fly up to 4 hours from Sao Paulo, Brazil to stay again in Hostel Colonial. Thank you all!!!
I honestly don´t think that this blog is the best, it´s only for a community.
Only is the best blog I can do with the limited and valuable time available. I´m not a full time blogger. My job is to lead this foodservice company, from which the hostel is a business unit.
In conclusion, I believe that the two main objectives of the blog are fulfilled with 100% effectiveness and make it a symbiotic: Buenos Aires+Hostel Colonial= Hostel Buenos Aires.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's fame, now we are on the prestige, remember, this isn´t just the blog of a hostel, is a real blog of Buenos Aires, my city.

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Hostel Colonial, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2008.

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