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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Florida is a pedestrian street in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina, some stretches of this elegant street have been pedestrianised since 1913.
The pedestrian section starts when Perú street crosses Avenida de Mayo, not far from Plaza de Mayo; after 50 meters, Perú street crosses Rivadavia and changes its name to Florida.
The street then runs northwards for approximately one kilometer, up to Plaza San Martín in the Retiro and Nuevo Bajo area . It intersects Buenos Aires other pedestrian street - Lavalle, the street of movie theaters and the best “parrillas” in the city.
Florida is one of the city's tourist attractions. It features a variety of malls, Galerías Pacífico are the best and shops selling leather goods, jewelery, books, and souvenirs.
After the devaluation of 2001, the prices have become attractive to foreigners carrying hard currency, especially business travelers who stay at nearby hotels and independent travelers who stay in Hostel Colonial, the most important hostel in this hot, funny, populous and wonderfull Buenos Aires area.
This singular building conserves its original architectonic characteristics of its time, like its bricks ceilings in curved part of the stern and beams of at sight wood.
Artistic steel details and the most relevant feature, its is one of the last corners without ochava that last in Buenos Aires, complete the originality and construction preservation, ready for you to enjoy it ! Hostel Colonial offers you a traditional colonial style building with everything you need to spend a great holidays in Buenos Aires.
The coolest youth hostel just in Downtown, where you will find an excellent attention and service, comfortable rooms and too much fun with the most cheap rates.
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