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Monday, August 20, 2007


In order to walk by the city towards the north or the south from Hostel Colonial. Brief reviews to choose, to take the Ipod, the camera your small backpack and to leave the hostel in search of that magic that it has Buenos Aires.
Long walks to few blocks of Hostel Colonial or long walks of several minutes, all tractions to enjoy in this sunny day.
In previous post also there is related information, to extend, if they ask to me as of all these options would choose: Recoleta or La Boca, the election is yours.
Plaza de Mayo (May Square) is the symbol of the historical manifestations of the Argentine people. It gathers the Republic Powers: the Casa Rosada - the government house -, the Nation Bank and the Metropolitan Cathedral. North to the square it is the "city porteña", area of streets and avenues that gather the financial center of the capital. Going west, it is Mayo Avenue which finally leads to the magnificent National Congress Palace.
Recoleta is a sophisticated neighbourhood, with beautiful European-styled residences, elegant cafes, restaurants, art galleries and a traditional craft fair. It offers also many places of tourist interest such as the historical Recoleta Cemetery, the Fine Arts Museum, or Buenos Aires Design.
In the Palermo woods, Buenos Aires takes a break. At any time, beautiful lakes and gardens are the perfect invitation for a rest. Palermo Viejo, in turn, is home for the city's bohemian and creative soul, in a very peculiar mixture between last century's art and avant-gardist trends.
In Downtown, Buenos Aires, Hostel Colonial is located here, an obelisk points out the intersection between 9 de Julio Av. and Corrientes Av. You've just reached the cultural heart of the city and its incredible amount of bookstores, cinemas and theaters, including the well known Colón Theater.
Puerto Madero, a former area of port docks, has been completely remodeled during the 90's and now represents the best alternative for eating out int he city, whether you feel like tasting pasta, seafood or the renowned Argentine beef.
La Boca is a picturesque, traditional neighborhood set up by the first Italian immigrants. It's well known for its multi-colored houses, as in Caminito St., for the nostalgic atmosphere of its pubs and the live stree shows offered by tango musicians.
With narrow sidewalks, stone streets and colonial mansions, San Telmo still preserves some features of the old Buenos Aires. It is the place chosen by street artists and intellectuals, home of important antique shops and art galleries.

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