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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


These rare things that happen in Buenos Aires, bah, in general throughout Argentina. One afternoon, you're in Hostel Colonial, to know a girl or a boy and want to experience something different, well, you have two options, or you stay at the hostel, or will be a "TELO" a more intimate choice, theme and say that only one in the world. What´s a "TELO"? This explanation, and this video was the best we found.

“What's a 20-something Argentine to do if they score at a bar and live with their parents? In Buenos Aires, there's only one obvious solution--a "telo" ("Hotel" in Lunfardo slang). As sketchy as a rent-by-the-hour hotel may sound to the outside observer, telos are quite normal and widely accepted in Buenos Aires. Since most young people live with their parents until they're married (especially since after the economic crisis), and even married couples occasionally need some privacy from their kids, these discreet and cheap establishments are a perfect solution. In greater Buenos Aires there are 800 such places, varying from bare bones to absolute luxury, and even themed telos in which you can choose from exciting room options like "Egyptian Fantasy" and "Space Odyssey". Here we talk to the Argentine youth about their thoughts, fantasies, and experiences in these telos and, of course, take an inside tour.”

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Now you understand why this hostel, Buenos Aires and Argentina are the best places to discover and experience that will never live in another place? This is a true Buenos Aires XP and the Hostel Colonial has narrated for you.

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