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Friday, November 28, 2008


Why all the work with every day that I had to get into this? The blog takes work, the blogs of the restaurants, too. Managing restaurants is a very hard work. Being present in different social networks takes a lot of time. Well, and doesn´t end here, however, be a father of three little kids and husband, is also a great job, very gratifying indeed.
It was necessary to add a new task and a new challenge? Yes, definitely. Why not? The technology, communication and marketing are changing continuously and at a incredible speed. Ok, will wonder what I´m talking about?
Simply a new communication tool (one more ...) I'd like to call blogweb, as a matter of relevance. A great work done by Alejandro Velazquez , a turning point between an old web page, the blog on Blogger (this blog!!), the microblog on Tumblr and my introduction as editor in the Wordpress world.
Why so many developments for a hostel? Because I believe that this would be doing all things. Business are business, but it's nothing if one doesn´t take risks, if it doesn´t do things with passion.
No matter the size of my business, no matter the money, if one day one of my kids can say - My dad was the one who introduced me to the Web 4.0. A major objective. That's going to live every time, that's what I intend for my life and Hostel Colonial is part of that.
Evolution, and achieves the best results. I don´t know how many hostels do a job like this. I have the perception that this hostel, from here, from Buenos Aires, will be a major reference (I think it´s). That's all for now, will soon be online the new project, you can see a breakthrough here.
As you know, in a few days another site where they read about what happens in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hostel Colonial, backpacking and the world of low-cost travel.

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