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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Moleskines are a notebook produced by the Italian company Modo & Modo, distributed around the world. In Argentina it isn´t easy to get good price.
I bought some of mine in Buenos Aires at MALBA´s shop, but now get cheaper and in DISTAL bookstores, there are about 3 branches within 3 blocks round to the Hostel Colonial.
All crew from the hostel has a Moleskine, each time taking notes and our guests writing stories from the hostel or drawing pictures, so what? Wait some words. In particular they can count that makes me remember my childhood, to notebooks which used the stores of the suburbs to establish an informal system of financing with its customers.
Based on the original "mole skin" wrapped notebooks originally created by a Tours, France stationer, possibly used by famous people such as Ernest Hemmingway and Vincent van Gogh and actually used and cherished by Luis Sepulveda and Bruce Chatwin. Modo & Modo resurrected the format in the 1990s.
Available in a pocket (3.5 by 5.5 inches or 9×14 cm) and large (5.25 by 8.25 inches 13×21 cm) sizes, the Moleskine notebook is characterized by the black oilskin-like cover, cream paper pages, elastic strap closure, integrated fabric bookmark, and side pocket on the back cover of the book. Interior pages of Moleskines vary, and include plain, squared, ruled, and sketch papers, as well as diaries, planners, address books, music notation, storyboards, and more.
A recent addition is the "Reporter" line with all of the features of a standard Moleskine, but in a vertical format (like a reporter's notebook).
Modo & Modo also offers the "Cahier" line of notebooks which come 3 to a pack. Each Cahier has 64 pages of various styles, wrapped in heavy black or kraft covers and sewn at the center. Cahiers include a back pocket, but not the elastic strap or bookmark of the standard Moleskine.
Moleskines have many dedicated users, who swear by the small and large books, while others consider the Moleskine overpriced.
This lens is aimed at providing useful links and information about the Moleskine, however, the body of information on Moleskines is quite significant, so this is by no means an exhaustive resource. My Palm T/X, my IPhone 3G, my Asus EEE and my Moleskine form a great team. I love to scribble on paper.
Soon, when some of our work is finished, send to participate in one of the Moleskine´s here .
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