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Friday, March 6, 2009


The Tango is one of the canditates to be a cultural and immaterial patrimony of the humanity (Oral traditions and expressions, spectacle arts, social uses, festivals, etc). The parisien Immaterial and Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity Safeguard Commision will meet on September of this year, in Abu Dhabi (Arabian Emirates) to approve or deny more than 100 canditates from different countries all over the world.
The Tango application is signed by the Argentine Secretary of Culture together with the Culture Ministry of Uruguay, and was presented by Buenos Aires and Montevideo. According to safe sources from UNESCO, Tango has a probability of almost 100% to be approved, due to the presented proposal.
This is not the first attempt, but the other ones haven´t succeded. The Tango, as a "rioplatense" cultural manifest, is presented as a genre that joins dance, music, poetry, song, cinema, "milongas", all of them interacting in a symbolic universe. It impregnates the imaginary of the Río de la Plata river, making itself a fundamental symbol of the rioplatense identity.It´s already known that the approval will depend on the support of some "alternative" countries like Korea, México, Kenya and the Arabian Emirates, all of them interested in the cultural Tango expression.
We have all the expectations to get this title. It means that the Tango will be recognized by the UNESCO as a sign of local identity and will have a symbolic value. It is going to involve all the artists and elements that interact in its existence. Buenos Aires and Montevideo have the compromise of creating a Tango Docummentation and Register Center, find old manuscripts, sound material, old traditional clothes and musical instruments. Besides that, they are going to create a Teaching Tango Dance Institute and a bandoneon asignature.
The Hostel Colonial and all the Tango lovers are all crossing their fingers.

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