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Friday, April 17, 2009


On April 17 th., 2007 I opened my account on Twitter, it has been 2 years. I have no doubt that Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires was the first hostel in the world have an account on Twitter. Almost without realizing was joined followers and friends, slowly the network was expanded, there were very few in fact and in my case is not yet understood the importance and correct use of a micro-blogging platform like Twitter.
I like Twitter, I also like, both the social networks that are mostly used over Facebook, Orkut, Plurk, Jaiku and Pownce (no longer exists today).
Virtual friends became real friends. Some followers (mostly Argentines, we are First World. Do you remember? We find it too look inwards.) ceased to follow me, is almost a natural condition.
Every day there are more events related to Twitter in Buenos Aires, this is my debt, I could not go to anyone else. The network is vast and the result is absolutely positive.
Has been so long since we Blog de Viajes, the Best Spanish Language Blog, published "A hostel in Buenos Aires was using Twitter", learning time, until they came to be finalists in the Lonely Planet 2009 Travel Blogger Awards - Best Micro-blogging.
In the middle, the people, the most important thing in this way it has to transcend the virtual space of 140 characters, the ones who know, the ones who I know. To all, thanks. Jorge

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