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Friday, June 5, 2009


A short story for those who love architecture. I slept 2 weeks in Hostel Colonial located at the main center with the rest of my partners. Once at Saturday afternoon, French people being teach by the receptionist about drinking "mate" together with the friendly hostel atmosphere.
I start searching in my Lonely Planet guidebook for quite a peculiar building to go seen.

If you visit Buenos Aires this is a common for everyone so I went by myself to Lezama Park in the areas of the old San Telmo.

And there I found it was like a huge big ice cream with 4 domes brilliantly decorated, I was admired by such contrast that has nothing to do with the rest. It was standing at the middle of normal grey old towers arise in blue lights colors and like one you only could find in Russia. A beautiful creation named Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. A temple that feed the slavic faith in Argentina.
I came back for the next Sunday service I felt I was in another world this was a real European East scene and for me a cultural shock.
This building was located in 315 Brasil Ave., only 10 minutes trip in bus from the Hostel Colonial one of the best located hostels in town, You get everywhere you want easily.
The church was inaugurated in 1904, the original project was carried out by architect Michail Preobrazensky (Holly Synod of Russia) and adapted by architect Alejandro Christophersen. The temple was built under the muscovite style from XVII century. On the facade, there is a venetian-mosaic- figure of the Holly Trinity made in St. Petersburg.
Personal conclusion is that going to the East of Europe is still one of my goals for this year and this maybe is a glimpse of what is coming.

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