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Monday, June 29, 2009


Buenos Aires has everything and everything is all you need for this Winter Season in South America. There are a lot of great places to visit in Argentina but most are far away and would require more time. Buenos Aires is the place to land and start to make plans, consider options thinks about where to go, make choices and decisions.
There is a lot of very good suggestions for you on translated local websites, this blog , a real Buenos Aires Blog is one of this, our blog running on #WP is other option in Spanish and our Tumblelog is 95 % Buenos Aires photography, in French the Routard. Lonely Planet, Footprint are options in English, or just in the front desk of the Hostel Colonial that present lots and lots of information which you could get the fixtures for your trip and how to book tickets to different points, for example a day trip close by or you just could also go to Tigre (by boat or by coastal train), the Delta of Tigre is really nice and is about 1 hour on the train to the North. Maybe a little jump on a day trip to Colonia, Uruguay, (maybe even 2-day to Montevideo),
Colonia is a World Heritage Site and well worth half a day to see it. Or maybe even better if you haven't been there, a trip to Iguazú Falls.
Another option is to go to a typical “estancia” for a day or weekend and do some horseback riding there and enjoying a good Argentineanasado” (charcoal grill cooked meat). There are some good ones in San Antonio de Areco.
Social aspects
The Buenos Aires winter may not be as frigid as in many other countries, but the way the “Porteños” (the citizens of Buenos Aires) complain, one would think they were in the Arctic Circle. The “queja” or the complaint, in Buenos Aires also a Buenos Aires hallmark. In winter, the queja is extreme, while the weather might not be — which also introduces the queja’s best friend: exaggeration. Is mix with sense of humor that gives a fun peek into the daily life.
You will also heard that quite often there are big international bands tours coming to the city- rock/pop/whatever, who come to Buenos Aires will be able to find anything like some very local sounding bands and Tango. Talking about parties nothing change every day goes on in different areas of Buenos Aires, the Federal District, the “Porteños” in winter are more likely for parties and being among others in closed buildings.
While you could doubt for a moment for a simple luck of knowledge having a spare time and lodging in a Buenos Aires Hostel named Colonial for vacation you will exhaust the delights of Buenos Aires.

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