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Friday, July 3, 2009


Has completed the first half of 2009. Influenza H1N1, "Dengue", global economic crisis, a Mrs. President focused on winning the Nobel Prize and not on other trivialities. Argentina, South America. Despite all this, the balance is always positive. It´s a fact that the global tourism is having serious problems, but I think (I've written here several times) that the hostels have been the least affected.
I continue on with my aim to spread the business of Hostel Colonial, but mainly based on the idea that the entire world know Buenos Aires, my city.
How do I do?
- # 900 posts published in this Buenos Aires blog, since late 2005. # 112 this year.

- More than # 1000 photos published in the 2 blogs (# 300 this year) + Twitter + Facebook + Orkut.

- # 110 posts published on our blog running on #WP, since late 2008.

- More than # 400 photos published in my Tumblelog in 2009. I invite you to know, is fantastic.

- More than # 100 posts published in my other blogs (Restaurants, Humor and MKT).

They may think I'm crazy, a lost geek, especially since this is only 10% of my daily work. This is how I'm feel, I do.

The prize?

1 – Filled beds.
2 – Blogger blog + Wordpress blog + Tumblelog = 79.188 unique visitors in the last 6 months. WOW!

It's all for today, I go to work =)
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Trip Reviews said...

Nice blog! Ill consider your hostel no my next trip to Buenos Aires on August.

Have a nice day

The Globe Traveller

omer rosenbaum said...

Hi Jorge
I follow social media marketing case studies and I reached your blog. It is amazing how well spread your hostel is in social media and I guess you see the ROI in it.
I will start following your blog and your other social media.
I don't know if you heard about Naked Pizza in the US, but they have a quite successful Twitter that according to them generate 15% of their daily income.