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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Street art has earned a place among the most original innovative experiences of modern art. This kind of art has reinstalled the old Greek concept of a public anonymous form of art. It’s been progressively incorporated to the urban panorama and some of its greater exponents have transcended the streets. An emblematic example is the British Bansky, who is tributed round the world (as recently occurred in San Telmo, Buenos Aires).

Local graffiti artists decided to pay a tribute to Bansky though the reproduction of some of its work in an abandoned house. Two stencil artists brought its most famous creations to a house in 1300 Chacabuco Street. It took them two nights to copy and paint Bansky’s works as “Rain Girl”, which first appeared in August 2008 in New Orleans, USA, to remember the anniversary of the Katrina Hurricane devastation.

Beyond this specific tribute, the street art grows every year in the Porteño streets. In fact, Buenos Aires City is positioned among the most active cities in the world in the street art development. These expressions appeared most frequently after 2001. Bansky became a leader because of its emphasis in the simple reproduction of its works: simple shapes, easy to copy. The importance is not in the work but in its message.

The old house where Bansky was reproduced in San Telmo also has a particular story. The place was closed and abandoned for a long time now and today it’s virtually stopped in time. It’s waiting for its redesign or demolition. The house seems to be ephemeral and temporary, as street art itself, but you can still enjoy it.

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