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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Gardel is the maximum symbol of tango around the world. Its smile and image, but especially his voice, have become tango icons. As a true myth, his life is full of mysteries and adventures, some of which are true and some others just popular stories. One of the most curious is the one who links Gardel and other Argentine icon: the famous revolutionary Che Guevara.

The story begins on the night of September the 10th 1915. Gardel was 25 or 28 years old, the difference is set by the different theories on his place and date of birth (Argentina, France or Uruguay, in 1887 or 1890). He used to frequent a club in the building where the museum Palais de Glace (1725 Posadas Street, Recoleta) is located today. That night, he visited the place with a large group of friends.

In the ballroom, one of his friends (actor Elías Alippi) argued with a group of aristocratic boys who were making fun of him. Gardel stood up for his friend and calmed everyone down. But the group of boys didn’t stop teasing Gardel’s friend, so the singer suggested him and the whole group to leave the place. The started walking down Alvear Avenue when they heard the other group shouting and inviting them to fight.

Gardel group tried to avoid confrontation but it was too late. A shot reached Gardel’s thorax. The author: Roberto Guevara Lynch, the uncle of Che Guevara. There were no physical consequences for Gardel, but he had to leave the country for a couple of month as he and the whole group was prosecuted by local justice. One of the dozens of histories around the life of Gardel.

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