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Monday, February 6, 2012


The Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences is almost as old as our country. It was founded in 1812 and it’s located on Parque Centenario neighborhood. In that time, all the Argentine provinces collaborated in the gathering of the material today exhibited. The original location was close to the Government House (the Casa Rosada) but in 1937, after the construction of the park it moved to its final destination.

The building follows the European canons and the museology concepts of those decades. It’s one of the few museums with a building specifically for this function. The owls on the front -representing wisdom- and the bronze spiders of the doors knitting their spider webs are just some of the ornamental details you can discover. The rest of the façade is decorated by friezes of local species (both plants and animals).

In the stable exhibition you can find such varied themes as: aquarium, amphibious and reptiles, Antarctica, arthropods, birds, bottom of the sea, geology, malacology, nowadays mammals, quaternary mammals, the world of plants, compared osteology, paleontology and a library and exhibition and multimedia room. The place also has a thematic bar called Under the Sea.

If you love natural sciences, you can visit the museum every day from 2PM to 7PM. The address is 460 Angel Gallardo Avenue. There is a bus just 2 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial which takes you to the Natural Sciences Museum (available only in Spanish).

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