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Monday, March 5, 2012


“No hi ha somnis impossibles” means “There are no impossible dreams” in the language of Catalonia region in Spain. That phrase also decorates one of the most beautiful buildings of Buenos Aires City, inspired in the architecture of Catalan genius Antoni Gaudí (father of the Spanish modernism). In the corner of Rivadavia Avenue and Ayacucho St., not too far from our Hostel Colonial, you can visit this marvel of modern architecture.

The building has an outstanding top with 952 little pieces of glass distributed in eight oval windows which simulate the eyes of an insect. In this top, there’s a bedroom with a telescope, probably the dream of the man who asked architect Enrique Rodríguez Ortega to realize its impossible dream. Art Nouveau styled, it has the inscription “No hi ha somnis impossibles” (There are no impossible dreams) just below the top.

The use of colors and the strange shapes which define the interior are clear marks of Gaudi’s work, cited by Rodríguez Ortega. The top was elected by a local architectural committee as one of the 10 most beautiful among the 400 we have in Buenos Aires. The terrace around the top has two iron structures representing the Dragon Door of Güell State in Spain (designed by Gaudí). The ornaments in the interior are exact replicas of the Battló House in Barcelona.

If you’re visiting Buenos Aires, don’t miss the chance to enjoy and take a picture of this beautiful icon of Art Nouveau architecture in our city.

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