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Monday, September 3, 2012


A work by the greatest visual artists of the XIX and XX centuries from Argentina was rescued from an abandoned basement. This marvelous piece of mural art it’s called “Las Lunetas” and it was painted by such artists as: Lino Eneas Spilimbergo, Juan Carlos Castagnino, Demetrio Urruchúa and Manuel Colmeiro. This group is used to be called “The Siqueiros team”, as they helped regularly the great Mexican mural artists.

This finding is recognized as the largest mural work of our history. In the beginning, it was located in the Pacifico Galleries (Cordoba Avenue and Florida Street). But, in 1990, when the shopping mall was built, “Las Lunetas” was removed and abandoned in a basement. A restoration group from a national university found it, restored it and introduced it to the audience in the last Buenos Aires Book Fair.

The mural was painted in 1946 and represents the four stations: Spilimbergo painted the spring; Colmeiro, the summer; Castagnino the autumn; and Urruchúa, the winter. In every season, you can see two rural workers. As their mentor, Siqueiros, this group of mural artists seeks to socialize art, to bring it closer to the people. “Art for everybody” was their motto. Now, you can enjoy this great piece of work at its original setting, just 2 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial.

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