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Monday, April 22, 2013


The Recoleta neighborhood is one of the most interesting neighborhood of Buenos Aires City. It’s known for its amazing architecture, some wonderful parks and for being the house of many museums and the most important cemetery of Argentina. It’s really close to Downtown and part of the classic city tour. From our Hostel Colonial, the heart of Recoleta (Plaza Francia) is only 20 blocks away.

The name “Recoleta” comes from a convent of the Franciscan congregation which is still located at a side of the cemetery. This convent, the Our Lady of Pilar Church and the cemetery have been there since the XVIII Century. The neighborhood grew in the mid XIX Century when many wealthy people moved here from the south of Buenos Aires running from the yellow fever epidemics. Since then, it became a traditional aristocratic elegant place.

The Cemetery of Recoleta is the main touristic attraction of the neighborhood. Opened in 1822, in this cemetery rests many of our Presidents (Eva Perón, Domingo Sarmiento, Bartolomé Mitre, Carlos Pellegrini, among others) and renowned artists and science men. It is also known for being the place in the world with most density of sculptures per square meter. It is a beautiful tour you must take.

Also in Recoleta you can find the Plaza Francia (France Square) in front of the Cemetery, famous for its handicrafts fair, the National Beauty Arts Museum, The Recoleta Cultural Center, the Palais de Glace exhibition Center and the National Library. Near Plaza Francia starts the Alvear Avenue, the most aristocratic avenue from Buenos Aires: 8 glamorous blocks which end in the French Embassy. 

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