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Monday, May 27, 2013


Constitución neighborhood is, along with Retiro- one of the main places for public transportation circulation. Here you’ll find the head of train and subway stations and dozens of buses. Every day, more than 5 million people circulate through its streets. Its name come from a tribute to the signature of Argentine Constitution in 1853. Hostel Colonial brings you all the information on this special spot of our city.

Among the main sightsees of the neighborhood are the French-styled train station and the marvelous Church of Immaculate Conception. Both are located around the Constitución Square. There are also some great aristocratic houses on Caseros Avenue which were abandoned in the end of the XIX Century because of the yellow fever epidemics. Some of the were remodeled and some became “conventillos” (houses inhabited by the first Italian and Spanish immigrants).

Also great places to visit are the Constitución Market (on Brasil Avenue and Salta Street); the Sor María Museum (1190 Independencia St.) is the oldest non-religious house standing since the XVIII Century; the Garay Square (Garay Avenue and Luis Sáenz Peña St.); the Lunfardo Academy, a place to learn Argentine slang (1379 Estados Unidos St.) and “Lo De Celia” Tango Bar (1783 Humberto I St.).

Constitución is only 10 minutes away by bus from our Hostel Colonial. If you’re visiting Buenos Aires, don’t miss the chance to visit it!

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