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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Mataderos is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires City. For a long time, it was the limit between the city and the country. Its name comes from the city slaughterhouse (Mataderos in Spanish). For many years, people knew it as the “New Chicago”, in reference to the American city which used to be the heart of the meat industry. Hostel Colonial tells you all you need to know about this great destiny.

The Mataderos main attraction is the Fair. It opens on weekends and preserves many of our traditions. In there, you can find typical Argentinian handicrafts, gaucho clothing, mates, and traditional food as “empanadas” or “locro”. Besides all that, you can enjoy shows involving horse skills, traditional dance steps and folkloric music. The fair is located in the corner of De Los Corrales Ave and Lisandro de la Torre Ave.

Other Mataderos sightsees are: the Creole Museum (in front of the Fair), the tango clubs “Glorias Argentinas” (6875 Bragado St) and “Chicago Social Center” (2319 Lisandro de la Torre Ave), the notable café “Oviedo Bar” (2407 Lisandro de la Torre Ave) and the Nueva Chicago Football Club Stadium, among others.

Many famous Argentinian were born on Mataderos, among the most outstanding ones are: Alberto Breccia (creator of Argentine comic), José Ángel Trelles (singer), Juan Carlos Copes (tango dancer) and Justo Suárez (boxer in the 20’s).

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