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Monday, September 30, 2013


Parque Chas is one of the most curious neighborhoods of Buenos Aires City. It is known by the strange special design of its street in which even locals get lost. Parque Chas is a true urban labyrinth that offers wonderful stories and funny anecdotes.  Hostel Colonial tells you all the secrets of an amazing place of our city you need to discover.

Formerly part of Agronomía, Parque Chas became an official neighborhood in 2005, becoming the newest one in our city -although its myth and spirit existed for many years now-. It is delimited by La Pampa St, Combatientes de Malvinas St, Triunvirato Ave, Chorroarín Ave and de los Constituyentes Ave. Nevertheless, the magic of Parque Chas is on its historical center, the labyrinth of streets built in the late 1930’s.

Most of the streets have name of European capitals… and that’s the key to enjoy the neighborhood: if you’re lost, just walk straight any street with the name of a European capital and you’ll get out!

Among the main attractions are: the circular streets of historical center (Berlin, Londres-Dublin and Bauness-Cadiz-Tréveris); historical houses on the corners of Triunvirato Ave and La Haya St, Triunvirato Ave and Ginebra St and La Pampa St and Gamarra St; the old Parque Chas Cinema (on Triunvirato Ave), the corner of Bauness St and Bauness St (yes, the same street) and the Sarmiento and Éxodo Jujeño Squares.

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