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Monday, September 23, 2013


Parque Chacabuco neighborhood is located on center south Buenos Aires City. Its name comes from the park which occupies most of its surface. The fifth larger park in the city, Chacabuco Park has 12 hectares and it’s the heart of the neighborhood. It has many great spots as Butteler square, Cafferata neighborhood and Corea Town, among others. Hostel Colonial tells you all about Parque Chacabuco.

Among the main attractions are: Chacabuco Park (Emilio Mitre Ave, Asamblea Ave, Eva Perón Ave and Curapaligue Ave), Butteler Square (crossed by two streets with a peculiar design), Cafferata neighborhood (Close to Chacabuco Park, mentioned in many tango lyrics), Miraculous Medal Parrish (Curapaligue Ave and Asamblea Ave), Corea Town (where most of the Corean community of Buenos Aires lives), among others.

Chacabuco Park was designed by French urbanist Charles Thays in the beginning of the XX Century. Its form changed dramatically after 1978, when the built of 25 de Mayo Highway split it in two halves. The park has a beautiful rose garden, brick paths to enjoy the variety of tree species in it and even a public pool to enjoy on summertime. 

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