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Monday, October 21, 2013


San Cristóbal is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires City. Once located outside of the city, in the XIX Century it was annexed to the city and inhabited by the wealthiest families of our aristocracy. Later, these families moved north and the neighborhood became a middle-class bastion. Nowadays, it is one of the smallest neighborhood of our city, yet still preserves the architecture and grandiloquence of centuries ago.

One of its main attractions is the San Cristóbal Parrish (1251, Jujuy Ave) built in 1869. In its surroundings there are hundreds of stores where you can find almost everything (cheaper than any other place visit). Near there, there’s another highlight: the Miguelito Bar (Saavedra St and Carlos Calvo St), one of the historical places where tango was born. Some consider San Cristóbal to be one of the cradles of tango music and dance.

There are some great green spaces as: Martin Fierro Square (La Rioja St and Cochabamba St), Euskera Square (Independencia Ave and La Rioja St), and the Sargento Cabral Square and Fountain (México St and Saavedra St).Some notable Buenos Aires bars are around: Bar de Cao (Independencia Ave and Matheu St) and Miramar Bar (1190, Sarandí St). If you want to see tango, you can visit the Anibal Troilo House (2540 Carlos Calvo St) and Gricel Club (1180 La Rioja St).

From our Hostel Colonial, you can take the B and H lines of Buenos Aires subway to get to San Cristóbal. Come visit this great neighborhood!

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