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Monday, November 4, 2013


Versalles neighborhood, located North-West of Buenos Aires City is one of the most beautiful places of our city. It was populated around 1910 when the West railroad got there. The name Versalles is the Spanish way of calling the famous French Gardens of Versailles. It was named that way after a doctor, neighbor of the area who had just returned from Paris when the neighborhood was recognized as a new area of Buenos Aires.

Versalles has many unique features: it’s the place with more green square meters per inhabitants; it is also the highest land in the city and the quieter neighborhood of all (it only has three avenues inside its limits). The place is also known by its English-styled architecture, due to the many British immigrants that settled there working for the new railroad. Many famous Argentine movies take place here: “Esperando la Carroza” (1985) and “El Hijo de la Novia” (2001).

Some of the most famous attractions are: the City Market (Arregui Ave), Paris St (a boulevard full of colorful murals), the Banff City Square and its marvelous sculptures, Ceferino Namuncurá Square (Porcel St and Arregui St), Versalles Athetic Club (6750 Arregui St), El Luchador Social and Sport Center (Barragán St and Viena St), Versalles Popular Cultural Association (950 Roma St), Our Lady of Health Parrish (6115 Marcos Sastre St).

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