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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Last December the 1st, Buenos Aires celebrated the centennial of its first subway line: the A line. It was built by the Anglo-Argentinian Tramway Company in 1913 in a time when neither London, nor Paris or Berlin had their own subway. It was built under Rivadavia Avenue and it first connected Plaza de Mayo and Plaza Once, then, it was extended to Primera Junta (in Caballito neighborhood) and recently reached San Pedrito (on Flores neighborhood).

Until year 2011, the same old La Burgoise wagons (made in Belgium), run the rails, so you could have the sensation of travelling back in time. Nowadays, new wagons arrived but the old stations are preserved and many of them include old picture depicting the way people used to travel in the old A line. Still, if you are curious about how these trips were, there’s a plan for 2015 to make touristic trips on weekend using the old wagons.

This line is one of the most touristic ones. On its stations, you can visit the Plaza de Mayo (the government house, Casa Rosada; the old Cathedral and the Cabildo); take a break on the Tortoni Café (on Piedras Station), get a glimpse of the Obelisco (on Lims Station), visit our Congress (Congreso Station), the book fair on Parque Rivadavia (Acoyte Station) and the church were Pope Francis grew (San José de Flores Station), among others.

Don’t miss the chance to try the A line when visiting Buenos Aires!

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