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Monday, December 9, 2013


Villa Lugano is a humble neighborhood located south of Buenos Aires City. It keeps most of our Porteño traditions and preserves some great historical buildings. Its name comes from the Swiss city of Lugano, the place where its founder Joseph Soldati was born. Villa Lugano (Lugano Village) was founded in 1908 and only 40 families used to live there as it was considered a quiet place outside Buenos Aires City. As the years went by, Lugano was added to the city and grew rapidly.

In 1909 was opened Lugano train station, a main reference of the neighborhood and a beautiful historical bulding. It is different from the many English-styled train stations of Buenos Aires because of its many eclectic details (mixturing Art Nouveau with other XIX Century styles). The chief station office, the old telegraph room and the spacious waiting rooms are some of the highlights of this station.

Some other attractions are: a tango walk full of allegoric sculptures (Riestra Ave and Leguizamón St), the Indoamericano Park (Lacarra Ave and Cruz Ave), the Murga Dance Cultural Center, the famous ice cream store “Antártida” (4153 Murguiondo Ave), the old cinema “El Progreso” (5651 Riestra Ave), the New Apostolic Church (3459 Fonrouge St) and the Yupanqui Football Club (4512 Guaminí St).

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