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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


History rolls again: the old A line wagons from our first subway are back in town. As we celebrated last December 1st the 100 years of Buenos Aires subway, many of the traditional La Burgeoise wagons have been restored and will offer a weekend tour between Plaza de Mayo and Plaza Miserere stations. Hostel Colonial tells you all about a pride of Buenos Aires that you can discover.

More than 30 wagons were fully restored: original Belgian wood was replaced; ornaments and details were taken care by a group of experts headed by local artisan Juan Carlos Pallarols. The preservation of historical patrimony of our city is a priority and the history that run in the A line is a large part of it. It is a history of our working class, of our students and the growth of our middle class.

Except for the incorporation of safety elements that did not exist at the time these wagons first started rolling, the original design is being kept. Every little piece is polish or replaced, the electric materials are also restored and the traditional wooden seats have every little piece of wood in line, ready and waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance to meet with our history, reserve your seat in the A line historical tour!

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