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Monday, July 23, 2007


Buenos Aires has more relevance in tourist developments for Web 2.0 . In these days I found some webs with maps of the city in 3-D of great quality and resolution, besides to maintain the esthetic one of "filetado porteño". His author is Bernardo Galmarini, and besides to visualize the images, also they can acquire them in shop on line. An excellent work for tourists and also for the Argentineans, to an accessible price.
Another excellent work is the developed one by the CONICET, FADU and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires GCBA, still in phase beta, which is not limited maps (there are interactive maps and to print, in addition to components for Google Earth), it is divided in thematic units and also it has topographic data, population, patrimony, transport and more. Really very good.
Your name: AABA - Atlas Ambiental de Buenos Aires

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