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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Buenos Aires, its streets, the pace of the great South American metropolis.
How to move every neighborhood? Buenos Aires vibrates in its major avenues, in pedestrian streets and also on streets that are a secret from the neighbors of the city. Every day I drive my car for Buenos Aires from north to south and from south to north at different hours.
Road many times from the hostel to the restaurants and from the restaurants to the hostel and although the trip is always the same, it changes all the time.
Paying attention to these changes and thinking about an entertaining visual exercise, I began to take pictures of different parts of the city. Each photograph is a moment of Buenos Aires, portraits of the moment. People, cars, objects, buses, subways, shops. Buenos Aires looks like as it moves into its streets.

Streets in this post: Corrientes Avenue, Florida St., Lavalle St., San Martín St., Tucumán St., ah, at the corner of these two, the red building, they know what it is? Yes, Hostel Colonial.

Camera: IPhone Camera Pro.

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