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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires presents a new communication tool.
"Your Backpacking Experience in Buenos Aires" is another microblog that runs on Tumblr.
The idea is to use this platform to publish the experiences of backpackers and independent travelers who have stayed at our hostel, or who have visited the city of Buenos Aires, regardless of the hostel where they were, except that it doesn´t mention. Sorry, really really sorry, but that is not my job, :-).
How can they do? Simple. Leaving a comment on this blog or write the Buenos Aires XP to this mail:

I read the note, if you send photos better, edit it and published it here.

I just need some information about the author as:

- First and last name.
- Age.
- Your country and city.
- Contact mail.
- Why chose Buenos Aires to live this XP?
I hope to receive each day a lot of stories, from Buenos Aires from the hostel and of your fantastic journey through these lands. I hope yours.

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