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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


San Telmo and the historic places began to draft the country: Argentina. A few blocks from Hostel Colonial begins the walk. Everything is to be seen and photographed, an idea that if we promote from the hostel.

Suipacha St. becomes Tacuari St. and the appearance of Buenos Aires is changing. Move up the Chile St., the most beautiful street in the neighborhood, in my opinion obviously. We are far from the Dorrego Square, but today we will not for this place. The Chile St. is paved and can be seen even from the old tram tracks. We cross the streets Piedras, Chacabuco, Perú, Defensa until Balcarce.

Returned to Defensa St. and walk to the north, we stop at the corner of Alsina St., a few meters, the famous coffee shop and Tango place in Buenos Aires called Puerto Rico, almost as recognized as the Cafe Tortoni. We arrived at Plaza de Mayo Square, national buildings and historic places, very active, people walking, tourist, people expressing their ideas, the Pink House (National Government House), the “Cabildo”, was the seat of Spanish colonial power, in this place were the events of the revolution of May 1810, emblematic buildings.

The South Diagonal (Julio Argentino Roca St.), so there are two streets in Buenos Aires, the other is the North Diagonal (Roque Sáenz Peña St.) are a rarity that deserves to be walking town, a fact, all the buildings on the North Diagonal have the same height. To end we crossed the square, or we can have a panoramic view from the avenue and we are going to the Metropolitan Cathedral, a magnificent building. On the San Martin St. can see his dome. Was completed, we are 5 blocks from the hostel, back, Buenos Aires still has plenty to see and do.

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