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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Buenos Aires proposes us places with a past air and in the south or west of the province, the pleasure to enjoy the nature. Old rural populations, luxurious and modest ranches are some options few kilometers away from Hostel Colonial that offer various alternatives for different inclinations and budgets.
San Antonio de Areco, one of the oldest populations, where to walk for streets of cobblestones with narrow paths and colonial houses are the direct transport to the argentine rural past. Here we will find many of the most traditional ranches of Buenos Aires. Another alternative is General Madariaga, rural tradition with folk festivals, gauchos parades and ridden competitions, they are some of the proposes mostly visited by Europeans, precisely French, German and British. There we will find the biggest gap of the province, “La Salada Grande”. Traveling through the margins of the Lujan river with intact local customs of native gastronomy, tames and folk tradition we will find the city with the same name.
The nature, the mountain landscapes, streams, forests and plains are a delight for the senses, proposed by Tandil and Sierra de la Ventana, ideal to enjoy trekking, mountain bike or paragliding. The city of Tandil also offers us a nocturnal pleasing proposal with restaurants, nightclubs, casino, cinemas while Sierra de la Ventana obliges us to visit the Cerro de la Ventana (Hill of the Window), a window among the rocks with a spectacular and panoramic view.

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