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Monday, March 30, 2009


Roque Sáenz Peña Avenue, known to the “porteños” as "Diagonal Norte". At first sight, a beautiful street, but a street.
However, as part of the magic that is Buenos Aires, if we go from Plaza de Mayo Square (beginning at the corner of San Martin St., 5 blocks from Hostel Colonial, walking toward the south) to Lavalle Square (at the crossroads of Lavalle and Libertad streets, near the Palace of Justice, 8 blocks from Hostel Colonial, walking toward the northwest) and look up, they will see the feature that defines this street of Buenos Aires. Which is it?
All the buildings in six blocks long (1200 meters long) are the same height, It was a rare decision of urban planning, supported by a City Government. The other diagonal of Buenos AiresDiagonal Sur”, Julio A. Roca Avenue, which begins almost at the same point, not at all these features.
Never in any other city in the world saw something like that, probably unaware of similar cases. Already part of our heritage, which is why I write this post. Can go see it, is nearly to the hostel and a beautiful walk, also the last block is pedestrian and bars invite you to drink.

Can go to my other blog and read another article published today on another curiosity of this street of Buenos Aires. The link

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