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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Without any doubts, as any backpacker, I have had a notebook of notes to immortalize and to retain the experiences and moments lived during the course of my trips.
This need to create record of the trips is a custom and very ancient fascination that shared some famous personalities of the history as Van Gogh, Hemingway, Darwin and Picasso among others.
This custom gave origin to the famous notebook "Moleskine", of which I´m a fanatic it might say. Its more famous impeller was Bruce Chatwin, who used these notebooks in all his numerous trips. Chatwin's original source of notebooks disappeared in 1986, when the owner of the distribution in Paris where he was buying them, died taking the secret of the manufacture to the tomb.
The modern Moleskine is formed thanks to Chatwin's descriptions brings over of the notebooks that he used. Always I felt, the lack of a particular Moleskine with info of our city, enjoy this falling in love for the binnacles, tape-worm the sensation that something like that was absent.
Searching for the entrails of these bookshops that I´m in the habit of crossing in my few free moments to the end I found, the "Viácora", a binnacle, of the city of Buenos Aires. Organized by zones, activities, planner with cards and maps, no doubt is a very good option that complements tourist information in local language and English with a space for personal notes.
Viácora” is a travel book, a notebook for the one who wants to take a complete recollection of her/his own trips as Buenos Aires, with a simple format and handcrafted, with soft textures that it fulfills satisfactorily with its aim to enjoy.
To announce it not only I recommend it from our blog but we have incorporated to Hostel Colonial, offering the possibility to our guests of whom they leave their commentaries or regards us in this particular notebook. It´s very pleasant to hoard the impressions registered from the travelers who pass and leave their fingerprint printed in the Hostel Colonial.

Price in Buenos Aires bookstores $a 99

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Randy M@ said...

Moleskine, Moleskine!!!!! I´m a Barrabrava, jajaja, good post Georgy