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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


# 1 - The South American cities has this boring and regular design of their streets and avenues that make us envious at the urban medieval labyrinths, that´s the reason why we get so excited when, in the middle of a block we find a sort of narrow street that divides the block and opens space by cutting it, transgressing the grid.
There are more than forty of those urban fragments, calm places full of beauty and history, the Buenos Aires passages.... Read more here

# 2 - Buenos Aires, a city of contrasts. The new coexists perfectly with the old. Hostel Colonial building in the middle of the city of Buenos Aires is an example.... Read more here

# 3 - I have always been sure that the walls of a city talk, in many possible ways. Buenos Aires would not be an exception, the walls are a symbol of times and someway I have tried to depict the things I see in the streets of my city and the walls of the hostel, by street art or the frame selection, using the collage technique, made by myself and my wife Veronica, frames that give some life to the Hostel Colonial since 2004.... Read more here

# 4 - This is the Hostel Colonial neighborhood, always with activity, night and day in motion. Tucumán St., San Martín St.,Corrientes Avenue and also this .... Read more here

# 5 - In this note I´ll only make a reference to San Nicolás, commonly known as the Downtown, where you can find the Hostel Colonial, and due to the writer, it´s a very interesting part of the city.... Read more here

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