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Thursday, April 9, 2009


The pedestrian Florida Street, famous all over the world, is located only 70 meters from the Hostel Colonial, at one of the most crowded spots in the Buenos Aires Downtown (2.000.000 people walk through the street every day), a neighborhood that already has 4 important pedestrian streets (Florida, Lavalle, Reconquista and Tres Sargentos, no one more than 200 meters from the Hostel Colonial).
Now, well, let´s get back to Florida St., always changing and being reinvented. Lately, it has been very commented that some blocks (it has a total of 11) have their public spaces taken by informal sellers that compete with the owners and tenants, almost outside the legality, some things that are not related to this blog, but even tough I cannot ignore, that why I mention that, and the other subject is the lack of information in some travel guides and local means, that publish grand things like "On weekends, there is nobody in the Downtown" or "When the night comes out, when the offices close, the Downtown became a desert". There is nothing wrong and fallacious.
Its been more than 20 years, 2/3 part of my life, Monday to Monday passing in this neighborhood which I know as much as the palms of my hand. Hundreds of bars and restaurants (La Posada de 1820, hostel downstairs, La Casona del Nonno, El Gaucho Grill and Almacén Suipacha are four examples of those who can speak very well), cinemas and theatres (Ópera, Gran Rex, Nacional, Maipo and Tabarís, sold about 8000 tickets on Saturday night), the Luna Park Stadium, Puerto Madero and Florida St., always crowded. You don´t believe me? Look at these pictures, I´m going to divide them in 3 parts so you can understand the dynamic of the street, considering that the pictures were taken in a Saturday afternoon.

Florida St. - Part 1. From Rivadavia Ave. until Corrientes Ave., Financial District, so it should have almost no activity.

Florida St. - Part 2. From Corrientes Ave., the crossing with Lavalle St. until Cordoba Ave. (Galerias Pacifico Shopping Mall) - Concentration of local sellers and people.

Florida St. - Part 3. Between Cordoba Ave. and M.T.Alvear St. , the most chic and classic postal of Buenos Aires.

Now you know people, if somebody tells you that Buenos Aires, the Downtown, Florida St. some times get empty, this person is simply lying or missing information. Or a bit of both, don´t you think?


Mario Carvalho said...

Beleza, adorei la Rua Florida. Lembro de Buenos Aires.

Kelly said...

Nice photos. Buenos Aires is great.