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Friday, May 15, 2009


Security, some think it´s just to have a locker and a padlock and not even look after their belongings, for this hostel is much more than that. It´s important to feel comfortable and have fun at the place we choose to stay in our backpacking trip, but it´s also true that the chosen site will provide security with us.

-- Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires is a hostel company authorized by the Buenos Aires City Government, electrical panels are approved by government, insured, with fire extinguishers in all common areas and in each rooms.

-- Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires is monitored through Internet by Tecnointelcom company through video cameras placed in strategic locations.

-- Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires provides FREE medical assistance service to all guests.
-- The hostel staff is trained for evacuations and emergencies.

In this occasion I would like to show our Hostel Evacuation Plan, with all necessary references in the event of a casualty.
This pictures are very important for your life. We published a Hostel Evacuation Plan in every area, in each rooms.

Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires & the environment

It has been a long time that Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires is working with the idea of improving the care and protection of natural and energetic resources, and this recessive year for the whole world comes as a great opportunity to apply new policies that helps not to aim the environment and save hard degradation feedstock.

To begin that we will implement a system of informative cards explaining how the room services of the hostel will be developed, improving also the personalized attention to each guest. These are the cards (image down this post) and the idea that they communicate. Also as a new policy, all of our cleaning products are ecologic, from trademarks like Lysoform, Diversey and others.

In the reception you are going to find 5 trash cans to separate organic, plastic, glass, paper and metallic garbage. Our sheets and blankets come from recycled material and we´ll be incorporating other materials. If there are any companies interested in this sustainable policies and helping the Hostel Colonial to get known as another of these companies, all of our guests, new products, we are into listening to new proposals.

We´ll open a new way, cities like Buenos Aires deserve that and the Hostel Colonial, with no doubts, a trend hostel, is following this course.

Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires & el medioambiente

Hace bastante tiempo que en Hostel Colonial Buenos Aires estamos trabajando sobre la idea de mejorar el cuidado de los recursos naturales y energéticos y este año recesivo en todo el mundo se presenta como una gran oportunidad para implementar nuevas políticas, que contribuyan a no resentir el medio ambiente y a economizar materias primas de difícil degradación.

Para comenzar implementaremos un sistema de tarjetas informativas de cómo se desarrollará el servicio de habitación del hostel, mejorando incluso la atención personalizada a cada pasajero. Estas son las tarjetas (la imagen arriba de este post) y la idea a comunicar. También como nueva política, todos nuestros artículos de limpieza son de líneas ecológicas de primeras marcas como Lysoform, Diversey y otras.

En la recepción del hostel encontrarán 5 cestos para separar residuos orgánicos, plástico, vidrio, papel y metal. Nuestras frazadas y acolchados son de material reciclado e iremos incorporando otros materiales,.

Si hay empresas interesadas en estas políticas sustentables y en hacernos conocer a Hostel Colonial como empresa y a todos nuestros huéspedes, sus productos, escuchamos propuestas.

Abrimos un nuevo camino, ciudades como Buenos Aires, lo merecen y Hostel Colonial, sin dudas, un trend hostel, va en ese rumbo.

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