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Monday, May 18, 2009


In general, the images you can see on this blog related to art, are images of street art, these images are closer to the edge but are not closer of the museum.
At the end of May there will be a new post on this topic that fascinates me, but every day there are new consultations at the Hostel Colonial front desk about Argentine painters and their work.
There are great works and artists that most have gone beyond the borders of Argentina. Those who wish to admire the work of all of them in museums and galleries in Buenos Aires.
These are the artists I chose for this post, just because I like them. Argentine art beyond the walls.

In this order: Quinquela Martín, Xul Solar, Soldi, Petorutti, Kuitca, Pérez Celis, Molina Campos, Berni.

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