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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Buenos Aires, locations for film. This is a promotional publication that brings together more than 300 photos and 350 pages to realize the great variety of places, sites and cities where you can shoot in the province of Buenos Aires.
In the official website you can read this:
"The province of Buenos Aires has a large territory with a wide variety of natural scenery, land and sea, rural and urban architecture, with the infinite possibilities that each of these categories contains. Account in their territory of more than 300 square kilometers, with a particular diversity of landscapes: seacoast and river, delta, islands, plains, mountains.
The varying density and different forms of life offer to the rural and urban architecture, both modern big cities and small remote sites and historic districts.
The great architects who left imprint on the landscape and the monumental architecture draws a map on its own province. These features reveal a multiplicity of styles runs the scenarios of the province, giving an advantage to secure a wide range of film locations."
Undoubtedly it´s a great initiative, incidentally, a short distance from Hostel Colonial, for this reason I´m interested in spreading the places closest to the hostel and invite our guests you to know.
The city of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires are two different things, very close to each other, the borders are the General Paz Avenue and the famous "Riachuelo". That all begins and ends.
If you're staying in Hostel Colonial, we want you to know these two Buenos Aires.

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