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Monday, August 22, 2011


A new space for modern art is open in Puerto Madero. Right next to the most famous boutique hotel of the area, the Faena Art Center was opened. It is located in a beautiful building which housed on of the first great mills of the country. After a large recycling process, this original space developed a double attractive: the architectonic and the artistic ones. Hostel Colonial tells you what is there to see.

To renew the place, the port, industrial and service architecture was recovered, preserving the original shapes -as the south mill, the north mill and the machine room-, plus creating new external spaces to provide an open dialogue with the pedestrians. Now, besides the art itself, you can appreciate representative elements of the industrial building of the beginnings of the 20’s.
The Art Center is located on 400 Azucena Villaflor Boulevard, in the corner with Juana Manso Avenue, in Puerto Madero. Large staircase and monumental windows frame the two floors of 630 square meters, the exhibition rooms which allow the curators to work with the layout liberty contemporary art requires.

The opening exhibition belongs to the Brazilian Ernesto Neto, one of the main figures of Brazil artistic scene. He takes the heritage of the neo-Concrete artistic movement which place the spectator in the center of the creative action. From August to November 2011 you’ll have the chance to enjoy this exhibition and to know the new art space.

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