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Monday, October 10, 2011


Buenos Aires has just opened its “Museum of the Book and the Language”. It’s located on the National Library (2502 Agüero Street) and it counts on one of the most original colorful architectures of the city. The design and construction of the museum was in charge of local architect Clorindo Testa. The new space will be connected with the rest of the buildings of the square (the National Library, the National Engraving Museum, among others) through a pedestrian road.

The project is inspired by the “Portuguese Language Museum” in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The objective is to stimulate in the visitor a reflection on the Argentines language, its metamorphosis and continuities, its influences and the effects on the popular way of speaking. The story begins with the founders of our Nation and ends with the arrival of the new language of the digital era.

The space is divided in three: “The territory of language”, “The books” and the temporary exhibition room “The world of words”. In them, you can find first editions of traditional and representative books of Argentine literature and to know the different accents spoken in the diverse regions of our country. The museum also has a fully equipped auditorium, and a conference and audiovisual projection room.

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