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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Costanera Sur (South Riverside) project may result in a new Puerto Madero. The Porteño legislature is to approve the construction of a new neighborhood and green area, south of Puerto Madero. The old training area of Boca Juniors Soccer/Football club will host 11 buildings, offices, stores and restaurants. There are around 70 hectares and 728 thousand square meters projected.

The estimated construction time is 12 months. The place is between Puerto Madero and the City Ecological Reserve. The name of this new neighborhood could be “Santa María del Plata” (Holy Mary of the River Plate). The project also includes a shopping mall, a luxurious hotel and several stores. It’s a new place, a new space facing the river in an expanding Buenos Aires City.

There will be a horseshoe-shaped walk and sidewalks to approach the waters of the River Plate, many bars and restaurants facing the river and the chance to take new original pictures of our city from a different point of view.

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