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Monday, November 14, 2011


For some years now the Peronist Movement has been traduced into fashionable iconography and several kitsch objects. This trend has also reached gastronomy. After the wine “El Justicialista” (The Justicialist, named after the movement founded by Perón), now it’s time for the Peronist beers. There are four varieties: lager, red, black and strong (all of them with allegoric names).

All of the varieties refer to Peronist symbols as Evita (the lager), Montonera (the red, named after the Peronist revolutionary movement), 17 de Octubre (October the 17th, the day a large strike took place asking the military government to release Perón from jail) and Doble K (Double K, referring to the surname initial letter of former and actual Argentine presidents Néstor and Cristina Kirchner).

These beers can be found in the thematic bar and restaurant “Perón, Perón” in Palermo neighborhood (2225 Angel Carranza Street). The idea of these home made products is to attract the youth to become active members of a political party, or just to try a new and funny way of drinking. The perfect drink for a spring afternoon in the open air, these Peronist beers are some of the original flavors Buenos Aires offers you.

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