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Monday, November 28, 2011


In Palermo Chico neighborhood there’s a museum that even Porteños aren’t aware of. The Metropolitan Museum of Buenos Aires is almost hidden. In 3217 Castex Street, the BA Met is a well kept secret of our city. It’s located in a residential area, in the former house of an aristocratic family as the Anchorena family. In one of the six blocks Castex Street has, you’ll find this special place.

The Met is an old house French academicism styled in an area defined by its old trees and the presence of several embassies. The mansion was built on 1928 in 3.800 square meters. In 1937 became the residence of Anchorena family for almost 50 years. In 1986, the place was ceded to the Buenos Aires City Government who destined it to cultural activities. The BA Met was born.

The collection has some outstanding works as: the photographic archive of El Mundo newspaper (one of the most relevant journals of Argentina between 1928 and 1968), a collection of engravings (one from 1784 inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci) and an exhibition on the life of Saint Exupery (author of the famous book Little Prince). The place also has a beautiful café.

For further information visit the BA Met website.

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