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Monday, January 16, 2012


Since Thursday January the 5th, the capital of Argentina became a 100% smoke free city. Smoking is forbidden in every closed space of public access as bars, restaurants, dance halls, discos and shopping malls. The norm was approved by the local government in 2010 but a week ago was officially implemented, allowing the establishments to prepare for the new conditions.

Not only Porteños, but our visitors as well will be now protected from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke which might cause respiratory diseases, heart attack and even cancer. Smoking is also forbidden in offices, health establishments as hospitals and clinics, taxis, ATMs and phone cabins, among others. The only places allowed are patios, terraces, balconies and other open air spaces. The smoking clubs and special airport area destined for smokers are also permitted.

As in the major cities of the world, the law protects the health of its inhabitants. Hostel Colonial has adapted its installations to become a choice for everyone (smokers and non smokers). We hope to see you soon!

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