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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The neighborhood of Parque Avellaneda is located in the south west of Buenos Aires City. Its name comes from a large park which occupies a considerable percentage of its territory. This park preserves the only farmhouse -and surrounding traditional buildings- left in our city limits. If you want to know more about our rural past, visiting the Olivera’s Farmhouse is a wonderful tour to take.

The Park is delimited by Perito Moreno highway, Directorio Avenue, Monte St., Lacarra Avenue and Ameghino St. It used to be Catholic Church’s lands until local politician and businessman Domingo Olivera bought it in 1828. The Olivera family lived there until 1912 when they sell the land to the Buenos Aires City Government. Two years after that, the park becomes a public place named Parque Avellaneda (Avellaneda’s Park).

The old farmhouse remained close many years after the opening of the park. Porteños had to wait until 1989, when it was opened for a photo exhibition of the neighborhood. In 2000, the Olivera’s Farmhouse was finally restored to its old splendor. Nowadays you can visit the place for free and enjoy the many events which take place in the Cultural Complex known as “Chacra de los Remedios”.

Among the different activities, you can enjoy painting and sculpture exhibitions, digital art, performances, films projection, conferences and seminaries on modern art. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a day in the country in Buenos Aires City.

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