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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In 645 Sarmiento Street, just 4 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial, is one of the most charming cafes of Buenos Aires: The Brighton. Once an English tailor’s shop, 35 years ago the place became a bar which kept the spirit and tradition of the English style. The tailor’s shop established in 1908, when the street was named Cuyo and the Porteño aristocracy used to buy its suits on the shops that filled this street.

The story says that in 1935, when the Prince of Wales visited our city, he was impressed by the beauty of The Brighton and he gave the owner two wood-carved shields of the three Welsh feathers symbol. These presents still crown the mirror arcs of the main entrance. In 1978, a local businessman bought the place and created the bar Clark’s II. In 2002, a Spanish fan of the old Brighton shop decided to recover its old charm.

He has been working for the last ten years to give the traditional style back. Every detail was considered: the old bronze ornaments, the large shop window, the Belle Époque decorative ambient, the vitreaux and the carved wood. The England oak on the walls and the Irish pub styled bar are true classics you should know if visiting Buenos Aires.

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