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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


“La Colorada” (The Red One) is the most outstanding example of English Neoclassic architecture in Buenos Aires. It’s located in the corner of 3791 Cabello St. and República Árabe Siria Street in Palermo neighborhood. The place is 4 stories tall and presents matching facades in the two streets achieving a unique symmetry. The name came from the red color of the bricks on the front. A centennial building and its history brought to you by Hostel Colonial.

It was built in 1911 by British architect and engineer Regis Pigeon as a residential building in the English neoclassic style, which trade mark is the naked red brick on the front mixed with iron ornaments. The story says the architect was so happy with the result that he decided some years later to make an exact copy in Boston, USA. He was the first owner of the Palermo version and later he rented the apartment to directors and managers of the English railroad companies working in Buenos Aires.

All the material for the construction was brought from London in the ships which returned after leaving grains from Argentina in UK. The iron pillars which are the foundations of the building were a true innovation of that time (as architects preferred cement as a solid base). Inside, there are 20 departments, an old elevator and marble stairs. The main hall has a marvelous giant skylight.

In the last decades, the building has often been chosen as a cinematographic set. In 1990 received the Buenos Aires City Government official architect protection.

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