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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Few buildings in Buenos Aires preserve such aristocratic beauty and grandiloquence as the Palacio de los Patos (Ducks Palace). It’s located in 3050 Ugarteche Street, half a block in Palermo neighborhood. The place was built between 1927 and 1929 (just before the world economic crisis) and counts on 144 luxurious apartments. Hostel Colonial tells you the story of this wonderful building of Buenos Aires.

In the time when it was built, the Argentine aristocracy had the idea of making Buenos Aires the South American Paris. That’s the reason why many buildings located in expensive neighborhoods follow the French architectural style of that time (French Academic). The Palacio de los Patos is no exception: harmonious and symmetric facades and the typical distribution around internal patios.

There are 9 patios, and the main one is visible from Ugarteche Street. In this patio, you can see an elegant four-faced vintage clock, a true emblem of the building. All this open air spaces are decorated by French gardens and provide air and light to all apartments. The units vary from two to seven rooms and are fully ornamented as the rest of the building. Another distinguished characteristic in the labyrinth feel the symmetries produce in those who visit it.

If you are visiting Palermo neighborhood, don’t miss the chance to visit this special building, declared as Representative Construction of Buenos Aires City.

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