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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Close to our Hostel Colonial is located one of the most beautiful avenues of Buenos Aires: Avenida de Mayo. The greatest local architecture can be appreciated on its buildings. One of the least known ones is the Urquiza-Anchorena Palace and Passage. On 747 Avenida de Mayo, it’s a traditional office building built by engineer Esteban Sanguineti and officially opened in 1921.

The name is due to its owner Diógenes de Urquiza Anchorena, a local aristocrat. It was also known as “La Mundial” (the name of the insurance company which first occupied the building). The Academic-styled façade tributes the main style of that time. The large portal with an iron fence gives access to an ornamented corridor through a wood-carved door with crystal (which includes an old square mailbox).

The passage connects Avenida de Mayo with Rivadavia St. The top of the palace is one of the 24 tops which will be illuminated by the Buenos Aires City Government soon. As the passage is semi-public, you have to ask permission to visit it and take photographs… but it’s really worth it! Plus, it’s just 7 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial.

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